Weekly Article Roundup!

I’ve had a busy couple of weeks. Two weekends ago I was at PAX South working at the IntiCreates booth. Last weekend a friend came to visit. In the days between I’ve been working a job and a half… and playing a ton of Gunvolt.

But I did write a bunch of articles for BoLS! I think I’m up to 15 total now. This week I got paid to write about Sailor Moon! That’s a dream come true!

Anyway, I want to check in here with my writing progress more often, so I’m gong to do weekly article round-ups and send you back to the home planet if you want to check in on what I’ve been working on.

Here’s the first:

Monday 1/27/2020
Monster Spotlight: Don’t Be So Golem
I went through my five favorite wacky golems through the D&D editions! And there are some especially weird ones. I’ll definitely be coming back for another round of even weirder golems

Tuesday 1/28/2020
RPG: Five Dice Trays to Protect Your Tabletop
My weekly excuse to go window shopping!

Wednesday 1/29/2020
What’s New This Week on Dungeon Master’s Guild & DriveThru RPG
I check out what’s new on DMG and THRPG so you don’t have to.

Thursday 1/30/2020
D&D: 5 Rogue Archetypes as Fictional Characters
Spoiler alert, I put Scrooge McDuck on this list because it’s my list and I’ll reference DuckTales if I want to!

Friday 1/31/2020
RPG Spotlight: Sailor Moon
Honestly, this is it. I’ve peaked.


I’ll have more regular updates as I get better about editing my book and writing creatively regularly again. February is going to going to be a busy, more scheduled, more organized month.

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